Age Groups - Kids: 4 ~ 12  / Teen: 13 ~ 18 / Adult: 19+ / Senior: 65+

‚ÄčKids / Teens Kung Fu

Improves on attention span, balance and coordination, self control and goal setting.  Skills include basic Shaolin Kung Fu skills, Fist Forms, Shaolin Broadsword, Shaolin Staff, Shaolin Straight Sword.

Teen / Adult Self-Defense

Includes Kickboxing, Wrestling, and Combat Fighting techniques.

Adult Kungfu

Develop balance, speed, flexibility, endurance and strength through the training of Shaolin Fist Forms, Shaolin Broardsword, Shaolin Staff, Shaolin Straight Sword and Modern Martial Arts.

Adult Tai Chi
Superior health-enhancing on balance control, flexibility, and increase circulation & strength.  Includes forty-two Tai Chi Forms and Tai Chi Sword Skills.

Senior Wellness / Qigong
Shaolin Baduanjin exercise is well known for the qualities of harmony in strength and flexibility, motion and stillness, and ability to cultivate both internal and external strength. The exercise is a form of medical qigong, meant to improve health, helps seniors to regulate qi and blood circulation, promoting metabolism to strengthen the body and prolong life.

SSMA Team 

Selected by our masters, students are specially trained for performances and competitions.  Here, you also have a chance to explore a new area of Kung Fu.  Students will learn the skills and techniques of modern Wushu, which does not fall into our regular belt system. Our masters select the candidates base on students' abilities, both physical and mental, mindset, and parents' willingness to cooperate. Training is more intense with individualized attention and higher level of difficulties.   Students will build their confidence and sportsmanship in the process and also work as a team.