Programs include: Nunchakus, Kung Fu Fan, PuDao, 9-section Whip, Kickboxing and Self Defense.

*You can share the 4 weeks among siblings and friends so everyone can have fun together!
*Minimum age for 9-section Whip program is 9. 
*The offering of all programs is subject to sufficient student enrollment, which is a minimum of 8 students.
*SSMA will not provide lunch for students. Students should bring their own lunch sack.
*The $199 promotion can not be combined with any other offers and does not include extended care.

*Full day program runs from 9:30am to 3:30pm.  Half day program ends at 12:30pm.  Please pick up your child promptly as our regular class will start immediately after.  In case of extension care is in session, the lobby area will be closed  to all observations due to safety reason.  Parents or other students who are not in class nor enrolled in extended care will have to wait in the hallway area.   Thank you for your understanding.